Barrington Tweens Facing Felony Charges

As reported by Linda Borg in the April 14, 2015 edition of the Providence Journal, two (2) Barrington tweens have been arrested and charged with serious felony offenses. The girls have been charged with felony assault, simple assault, conspiracy and kidnapping. Their alleged victim was a fifteen (15) year old girl. They are accused of beating the girl, forcing her to remove her clothes and preventing her from leaving the room where the beating occurred. The twelve (12) year old girls have been charged in Family Court.

Pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws felony assault is defined as 11-5-2, every person who shall make an assault or battery, or both, with a dangerous weapon, or with acid or other dangerous substance, or by fire, or an assault or battery which results in serious bodily injury. In this case, the alleged weapon was a wooden hairbrush. Simple assault is defined as every person who shall make an assault or battery or both. The penalties for simple assault include imprisonment not exceeding one year or fined not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000), or both. The penalties for felony assault include punished by imprisonment for not more than twenty (20) years.

Pursuant to R.I.G.L. 11-26-1, kidnapping is defined to include whoever, without lawful authority, forcibly or secretly confines or imprisons another person within this state against his or her will, or forcibly carries or sends another person out of this state, or forcibly seizes or confines or inveigles or kidnaps another person with intent either to cause him or her to be secretly confined or imprisoned within this state against his or her will or to cause him or her to be sent out of this state against his or her will. In this case, it is alleged that the victim voluntarily went to one of the girl’s houses for a sleepover. However, when they started to attack her, they prevented her from leaving the house. This is a serious felony and if convicted the penalties include imprisonment for not more than twenty (20) years.

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