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Navigating the legal landscape surrounding underage DUI charges requires the expertise of a professional who understands the nuances of Rhode Island law. At the Law Offices of Robert H. Humphrey, our team is dedicated to providing robust legal defense for individuals facing underage DUI charges. With a commitment to protecting the rights and future of our clients, we bring a wealth of experience to every case.

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Underage DUI Laws in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has stringent laws in place to address the serious issue of underage drinking and driving. For individuals under the age of 21, operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.02% or higher is considered a violation of the state's DUI laws. This zero-tolerance policy reflects the state's commitment to ensuring the safety of its roads and discouraging underage drinking.

Underage drivers should be aware that the consequences of an underage DUI can be severe and have lasting implications. It is essential to understand the laws governing underage DUI in Rhode Island to make informed decisions and take appropriate action if faced with charges.

Rhode Island Underage DUI Penalties

Facing an underage DUI charge in Rhode Island can result in a range of penalties that may significantly impact a young individual's life. It is essential to be aware of these consequences to comprehend the gravity of the situation.

For drivers under the age of eighteen (18) charged with drunk driving, their case will be before the Family Court. The penalties for an underage DUI in Rhode Island include:

First Offense

  • Ten (10) to sixty (60) hours of community service;
  • Six (6) to eighteen (18) months loss of license;
  • Participation in DUI School or alcohol counseling; and
  • Assessments.

Second Offense

  • Up to one (1) year imprisonment at the Training School;
  • Up to $500.00 fine;
  • Mandatory Suspension of license until age twenty (21).

Penalties for Driving While Impaired 

Pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws 31-27-2.7, driving while impaired applies to drivers over eighteen (18) and under twenty-one (21). For those drivers, the legal BAC limit is .02 rather than the limit of .08 for drivers who are legally allowed to drink. The penalties for driving while impaired include:

  • Up to $250.00 in fines
  • Thirty (30) hours of community service
  • One (1) to three (3) months loss of license
  • DUI school

Defenses Against Underage DUI Charges

Mounting a solid defense against underage DUI charges requires a comprehensive understanding of Rhode Island's legal framework. At the Law Offices of Robert H. Humphrey, our experienced team employs various defenses to protect the rights and future of our clients. Some effective defenses against underage DUI charges include:

  • Challenging the Traffic Stop: If the traffic stop leading to the DUI arrest was unlawful or lacked probable cause, it may be possible to challenge the legality of the stop.
  • Questioning Breathalyzer Accuracy: Breathalyzer results are crucial evidence in DUI cases. Our legal team may question the accuracy of the breathalyzer device used, raising concerns about calibration or maintenance issues.
  • Challenging Field Sobriety Tests: Field sobriety tests are not infallible and can be influenced by various factors. We may challenge the reliability of these tests based on the arrest circumstances.
  • Asserting Constitutional Rights: Ensuring that law enforcement respects an individual's constitutional rights throughout the arrest process is fundamental to building a defense. Any violations of these rights may impact the admissibility of evidence in court.
  • Examining Blood Test Procedures: If a blood test was conducted, we scrutinized the procedures to ensure they adhered to legal standards. Any mishandling of blood samples can call the results into question.

Navigating these defenses requires legal expertise, and our team is dedicated to crafting a defense strategy tailored to the unique aspects of each case.

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With over twenty-eight (28) years of legal experience fighting DUI charges, Attorney Humphrey and his dedicated legal team know how to defend your rights against all DUI charges. Attorney Robert H. Humphrey has gained a reputation throughout Rhode Island for his effective work in fighting DUI charges on behalf of youthful drivers. Mr. Humphrey has also been recognized as the DUI Defense Lawyers Association's State Ambassador for Rhode Island.  

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