Middletown Woman Arrested for Stealing from Beach

As reported by Tatiana Pina in the September 26, 2013 edition of the Providence Journal, a Middletown woman has been arrested for allegedly stealing money from South Shore Beach. The woman was a beach employee had had been taking money from the ticket sales over the summer. She had been charged with felony larceny.

Pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws 11-41-1 larceny is broadly defined to include every person who shall steal any money, goods, or chattels, or any note of the general treasurer of this state for the payment of money, any bank bill, any certificate of any bank or of any public officer or corporation securing the payment of money to any person or certifying it to be due, any certificate of stock in any corporation, any order entitling a person to money or other article, or any bill of exchange, bill of lading, railroad ticket, bond, warrant, obligation, bill, or promissory note for the payment of money, or other valuable property, or any record or paper belonging to any public officer, or any writ, warrant, or other legal process, or any book or part of one containing an account, any receipt for money or other article paid or delivered, any adjustment or document of any kind relating to the payment of money or delivery of any article, any indenture of apprenticeship, or any deed, covenant, indenture, or assurance whatsoever respecting any property, real or personal, shall be deemed guilty of larceny.

Larceny is either charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the value of the items taken. Items valued at $1,500.00 or less is misdemeanor larceny. Items valued at over $1,500.00 or any firearm is felony larceny. In this case, the woman allegedly stole over $5,000.00 so she is charged with felony larceny.

The penalties if convicted of misdemeanor larceny include up to one (1) year imprisonment, up to $500.00 fine or both. The penalties if convicted of felony larceny include up to ten (10) years imprisonment, up to $5,000.00 fine or both. The penalties can be enhanced based on the age of the victim.

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