RITT Upholds Lifetime Driver License Suspension

As reported in the October 15, 2012 edition of Rhode Island Lawyers' Weekly, the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal (RITT) Appeals Panel has upheld a decision to suspend a motorist's license for life. The seventeen (17) year old motorist was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident which injured two (2) passengers. At the time of the accident, the motorist was leaving a party in which underage teenagers were drinking alcohol. At the time of the accident, the motorist only had a provisional license. The RITT's decision prevents him from being able to obtain a license. In addition, his provisional license was suspended.

Pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws 31-10-26(e), if an applicant has been adjudicated for committing one moving motor vehicle violation, has been involved in one reportable motor vehicle accident, or both, he or she shall be summoned for a hearing before a judge of the traffic tribunal at which time the driving record will be reviewed. The traffic tribunal judge shall determine if the person should be granted an operator's license, be reissued a first license, or be denied a license to operate a motor vehicle in the state of Rhode Island.

The law only provides for this denial of a license in cases involving motorists who have provisional licenses. In issuing his decision, the Judge stated that the decision "would send a message to the public, especially Rhode Island's young drivers, that this Traffic Tribunal is no longer sitting idly by as our youth are killed and injured on our roads."

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