Rape Lands Cop in Jail

As reported by Katie Mulvaney in the September 9, 2010 edition of the Providence Journal, a former Providence Police Officer was sentenced to forty (40) years in jail. The officer was found guilty after a jury trial of 1st degree sexually assault. The victim was a teenage girl. The officer could have received a prison term of ten (10) years to life. The Judge sentenced the man to 60 years in jail, with 40 years to serve.

The reasons for the lengthy sentence appear to be the egregious actions of the police officer. He told the victim he was taking her home in his police cruiser, but then took her to a police substation and raped her. Later that day, when the woman reported the rape, the officer responded to investigate the charge. This is not the first time that the officer has been accused of sexual misconduct. He was previously indicted on six (6) counts of child molestation and accused of demanding sexual favors from a prostitute.

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