Police Arrest Their Own on Drug Charges

As reported by W. Zachary Malinowski, Amanda Milkovits and Tracey Breton in the June 10, 2010 Providence Journal and Kate Bramson in the June 15, 2010 Providence Journal, four police officers and one corrections officer were indicted on drug charges. These new indictments are all part of the undercover operation known as Operation Deception, organized by the Rhode Island State Police. The original investigation led to the arrest of three police officers in March. As the investigation continued, another police officer, a corrections officer and 19 other people were also arrested. In total 24 people have been indicted and charged with 89 counts. Two other suspects turned themselves in to the Rhode Island State Police following the indictments. The Rhode Island State Police used wiretaps and electronic car monitoring during their investigation, which helped lead to the arrests.

Two of the four police officers arrested and charged were veteran narcotics detectives from the Providence Police Department and had served in the narcotics division for fifteen years. Both were part of an investigation in 2004 which led to more than $1 million worth of cocaine being seized. At the time, that was the largest drug seizure in the history of the Providence Police Department.

All 24 people were charged with drug related offenses, including conspiracy to deliver marijuana, conspiracy to deliver cocaine, possession of cocaine, harboring a drug dealer, solicitation to deliver cocaine, and possession of cocaine with intent to deliver. The alleged drug dealer is Albert Hamlin, the brother of one of the police officers who was charged. Hamlin is charged with 21 counts of possession with intent to deliver cocaine. It is believed that Hamlin received protection from his brother for his drug dealing, including tipping him off about other police officers.

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