Rhode Island DMV Sued Over Fatal Charlestown Crash

As reported by Tracy Breton in the December 30, 2010 edition of the Providence Journal, the Foote Family is suing the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles.  Colin Foote was killed in May of 2010 in a car accident caused by Laura Reale.  Earlier this month Ms. Reale pled guilty to driving to endanger-death resulting and received eight (8) years in prison.  In addition to suing the DMV over the death of their son, the Foote Family is also suing Ms. Reale and her father, Thomas Reale, who was the owner of the car she was driving when the accident occurred.

The lawsuit alleges that the Rhode Island DMV failed to do its job with regards to Ms. Reale's driver's license.  Prior to the accident, which killed Colin Foote, Ms. Reale had over twenty (20) driving violations.  The lawsuit alleges that the DMV should have suspended Ms. Reale's license in 2008 after she had received multiple speeding tickets.  Without a license, Ms. Reale would not have been allowed to drive and would not have caused the accident which killed Colin Foote. 

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