Attorney Humphrey Gets DUI and Refusal Charges Dismissed

A client with a CDL (commercial driver's license) was extremely concerned that her ability to continue her career as a commercial driver would be ruined by her recent arrest for both drunk driving and Refusal after a car accident. An issue that routinely arises in cases where the motorist has a CDL is that any conviction for drunk driving or Refusal can result in a minimum mandatory one (1) year loss of the CDL even if the Court imposes a lesser license suspension. Often clients with a CDL rely on their CDL for their livelihood as both truck drivers and bus drivers. Fortunately, in this case, after a thorough investigation of the facts, both the Municipal Prosecutor and Assistant Attorney General assigned to prosecute the Refusal to submit to a chemical test charge conceded that based on the jurisdictional defenses we raised, the State would not prevail at trial. This resulted in a wonderful outcome for our client whose career was saved.

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