LawReviewCLE - DUI Seminar

LawReviewCLE is a national CLE provider dedicated to advocacy and how to practice the law. LawReviewCLE seminars are designed to be practical and informative gathering top attorneys knowledgeable in a specific area of the law to disseminate their experience to other local attorneys. LawReviewCLE "seeks out top rated and experienced attorneys who represent the best in their practice area."

When asked about once again being selected by LawReviewCLE in the area of DUI defense, prominent DUI Defense Attorney Robert H. Humphrey, stated "I consider it a great honor to once again have the opportunity to teach my fellow Rhode Island attorneys about the successful prosecution and defense of drunk driving cases."

The May 10, 2012 LawReviewCLE's HANDLING FIRST DUI CASE CLE, is designed to help attorneys who are looking to take on DUI cases from start to finish. Prosecutors and defense attorneys who attend this educational program will receive in-person demonstration of the standardized field sobriety tests and will learn about legal issues beyond the basics of these types of complicated cases regarding the admissibility of the standardized field sobriety tests, the admissibility of chemical test results and the suspect's statutory and constitutional rights. Emphasis is given to teaching the advance trial techniques and practice pointers for the successful prosecution and defense of DUI and Refusal cases. As a Rhode Island DUI authority, Attorney Humphrey prepared Rhode Island's DUI Practice Manual entitled "Drunk Driving: Detection, Prosecution and Defense" which is widely used by drunk driving law practitioners in courtrooms throughout the state.

Attorney Humphrey will also focus on the ethical issues relating to the proper defense of DUI defendants. Attorney Humphrey emphasizes to the DUI attorneys that their representation must focus on what is in the best interests of the DUI defendant. At the Law Offices of Robert H. Humphrey, Esq., we pride ourselves on putting what is in the best interests of our client first and taking ego out of the equation.

The May of 2012 DUI CLE Program is part of the DUI & Refusal Cases: Beyond the Basics series of lectures and articles the Law Offices of Robert H. Humphrey, Esq., is conducting for the Rhode Island Bar Association, LawReviewCLE and other educational programs.

If you or a family member has questions regarding DUI or Refusal cases, please allow Attorney Robert H. Humphrey's reputation, experience and skill to successfully guide you or a family member through the legal process. Please contact Attorney Robert H. Humphrey, Esq., at 401-816-5862 or e-mail him at

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