New Home for Operator Control

As reported by Paul Edward Parker in the August 24, 2010 edition of the Providence Journal, the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is relocating. The DMV's headquarters are moving from Pawtucket to Cranston, more specifically to 600 New London Avenue. This is the same area as the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal.

Included in the new headquarters is space for Operator Control. Operator Control handles all drivers' license and registration suspensions. The most common reason for license and/or registration suspension is a drunk driving charge ("DUI") or refusal to submit to a chemical test charge ("Refusal"). A common penalty for both DUI and Refusal cases is some form of license suspension. Pursuant to Rhode Island General Law 31-27-2 the license suspension can be three (3) to eighteen (18) months loss of license for a 1st Offense DUI, depending on the blood alcohol levels. Pursuant to Rhode Island General Law 31-27-21., a 1st Offense Refusal carries with it a license suspension of six (6) to twelve (12) months.

Once the license suspension period has ended, Operator Control is in charge of license reinstatement. A fee must be paid to Operator Control before license reinstatement occurs. Drivers with out-of-state licenses will have their privilege to operate motor vehicle in Rhode Island revoked if they are charged with DUI or Refusal. They too must pay a fee in order to get their privilege to operate reinstated.

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