URI Bans Blackout in a Can

As reported by Gina Macris in the November 3, and 4, 2010 edition of the Providence Journal, the University of Rhode Island (URI) has banned a specific type of alcoholic drink. The drink, called Four Loko, in an alcoholic drink, which contains stimulants, such as, caffeine and high levels of alcohol. The caffeine allows the drinker to continue drinking without feeling the effects of the alcohol. In addition, one can of Four Loko contains the same alcoholic content as 4.7 beers or other drinks.

URI is not the first college university to ban the drink on its campus. Central Washington University and Ramapo College, in New Jersey, have also banned the drink earlier this year. All three campuses have all have incidents involving Four Loko. Central Washington University banned the drink after nine (9) freshmen girls were found unconscious and taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. At Ramapo College, approximately twenty-five (25) students had alcohol poisoning after drinking Four Loko. URI had its own Four Loko experience at a recent concert, where more than thirty (30) students required medical attention for alcohol related illnesses.

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