FDA Issues Warning for Blackout in a Can

As reported by Donita Naylor in the November 18, 2010 edition of the Providence Journal, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning to manufacturers of alcohol energy drinks. The most popular alcohol energy drink is called Four Loko. The FDA issued the warning to the manufacturers of Four Loko and three (3) other manufacturers who produce similar drinks. The warning means manufacturers have to either remove their drinks from the market or defend the products' safety.

The energy drinks all contain caffeine along with alcohol. According to the FDA, it is the caffeine additive to the drink, which makes it harmful. The caffeine hides the effects of the alcohol and people continue to drink, which is why it's called "blackout in a can." One can of Four Loko is the equivalent of five (5) beers. The University of Rhode Island (URI) already banned the drink from campus after thirty (30) students required medical treatment for alcohol related illnesses after consuming drinks like Four Loko. The drink has been banned by the states of Michigan, Oklahoma, Washington and Utah. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is also considering banning Four Loko and other alcohol energy drinks due to its harmful effects.

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