Police Chase Leads to Capture of Wanted Man

As reported by Felice Freyer in the May 17, 2010 Providence Journal, a police chase led to the arrest of a Pawtucket man. The RI State Police responded to a 911 call about a motorist hitting a Jersey barrier on Rt. 95 and continued driving. The police were able to locate the vehicle and tried to stop it. During the chase, the police learned the motorist was driving a stolen car. The car chase ended on Gano Street when the motorist jumped from his car while it was running and proceeded to run away on foot. His car then rolled backwards into a house. As the police pursued the motorist on foot, they observed him swallow a plastic bag, which the police believe contained heroin. After the motorist was arrested, the police learned he was wanted on three outstanding warrants. The motorist also faces new charges of possession of a stolen motor vehicle, reckless driving, eluding a police officer, drunk driving (DUI), resisting arrest, simple assault, malicious damage and driving with a suspended license.

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