Crash Victim Inspires Legislation

As reported in the July 1, 2010 Providence Journal, Governor Carcieri signed the Colin B. Foote Bill into law. The bill, named after accident victim, Colin Foote, is designed to keep habitual traffic offenders off of the roads. In May 2010, Foote was hit and killed by a woman who had 27 moving vehicle violations. Her moving violations included 13 speeding tickets and 8 warnings. Under the new law, motorists who are convicted of four (4) moving violations in an 18 month period can be labeled as "habitual offenders." Speeding, using the breakdown lane for travel, disobeying stop signs, failure to use a turn signal, and aggressive driving are all types of moving violations under the new law.

In addition to being labeled "habitual offenders", a motorist's license can be suspended for up to one (1) year or it may be revoked. Additional penalties include a fine up to $1,000, sixty (60) hours of community service and sixty (60) hours of driver retraining.

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