Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney

Experienced in All Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Attorney Robert H. Humphrey has 25 years of experience in the general practice of law and has represented a large number of clients successfully in DUI and other criminal defense matters ranging from capital offenses to simple misdemeanors and traffic violations. He is exceptionally qualified to represent individuals accused of all types of offenses, including but not limited to the criminal defense of felonies & misdemeanors, including the most serious of all charges, murder.

If you are facing criminal accusations of arson, aggravated assault/battery, burglary, hate crimes, or are the target of an investigation or have been charged with any white collar crimes, including all forms of fraud, he has the experience on both sides of the aisle that will best serve you. His firm also represents individuals accused of kidnapping, disorderly conduct, or obstruction of justice among other criminal offenses. The Rhode Island criminal defense attorney from the firm has the experience, court record and personal commitment to your cause that can make the difference in the final outcome of your case.